Traditional Internal Medicine Primary Care

Covered by Insurances, Medicare, direct pay.

  • Adult primary medical care and wellness (18 yrs. and up) during pandemic and beyond.
  • Telemedicine remote visits: Convenient personal consultations.
    Covered by Insurances, Medicare, and direct pay.
  • Home visits: Convenient, safe, covered by Medicare, and direct pay.
  • Acute and chronic illness treated.
  • Non-narcotic pain management.
  • Physicals
  • Annual screening: Cardiovascular and cancer risk reduction.
  • B12 injections
  • Male and female wellness preventive health.
  • Anxiety and stress medical therapy (age 35 years and up)
  • Laboratory and diagnostic testing.
  • Office by appointment only.

Holistic Health

Extended services direct pay only; beyond Insurances, Medicare.

  • Holistic wellness optimal health consultations
  • Nutrition: Evaluation and guidance, expert medical level
  • Weight:Management, consultation,expert medical weight loss.
  • Nutrient Supplements: Medical grade, well absorbed, economical.
  • Nutrient: Testing and consultation.
  • Dementia prevention
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Blood vessel health: Optimal health education to avoid stroke and heart disease.
  • Advanced cholesterol testing and consultation.
  • Diabetes: Prevention, experienced expert level.
  • B12 injections
  • Stress reduction: Expert evaluation, guidance, alternative therapies, meditation and relaxation training.
  • Sports: Peak athletic performance consultation, expert medical.
  • Medical Marijuana