For Appointment request you may also use our HIPPA secure contact:

  • Text only number (561) 336-4328 (fastest, for non urgent)
  • Voice Tel. (561) 243-8783

And provide us with the following information to use Insurance:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Email
  • Cell phone
  • Copy of front-back of Insurance card
  • A few preferred appointment dates-times                     

(If Insurance Cardholder is different than Patient, include Name, Birth date of insurance cardholder, and relationship to patient. If you are unable to send us Insurance card copy, provide Name of Insurance, Member ID, Telephone number for Providers to call, listed on back of card.)

We Email client a HIPPA secure easy fill-in-and-submit registration form, for those who can use email. This secure registration form is for convenience, safe social distancing, health care catch up, and allows more time focused on medical care.  You may message update to us when your registration has been submitted.  We confirm your appointment.