We are an established Internal Medicine practice with over 30 years of specialized education, training and clinical medicine experience.  We get to know and partner with you for all of your primary health care needs.  We are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment and compassionate care of adults, across the spectrum from health to complex illness.  From physical screening exams to acute and chronic illness diagnosis and treatment, we provide complete care and resources for risk reduction, health care needs in various circumstances, including school and work-related, residence, changes in condition, mobility, age-related factors to maintain independent living, and medical specialist referral, as needed.

Internal Medicine Primary Care Professional Physician service is completely separate and distinct from Holistic Wellness Optimal Health Wednesday Wellness consultation, to provide safe Internal Medicine care and assure that important medical issues are addressed and followed up on.  Insurances and Direct Pay are accepted for Internal Medicine visits.

Insurances:  Aetna, Avmed, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, United, Medicare

Direct Pay:  Cost friendly New Visit $99-150 approximate based on complexity.  Return visit $70-125 approximate based on complexity.

Internal Medicine Appointment request include your Name and Email:

  • Text secure text only number (561) 336-4328
  • Email Info@DeliaWeissMD.com
  • Voice Tel. (561) 243-8783

And provide us with the following information to use Insurance:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Email
  • Cell phone
  • Copy of front-back of Insurance card
  • A few preferred appointment dates-times                     

(If Insurance Cardholder is different than Patient, include Name, Birth date of insurance cardholder, and relationship to patient. If you are unable to send us Insurance card copy, provide Name of Insurance, Member ID, Telephone number for Providers to call, listed on back of card.)

We Email client a HIPPA secure easy fill-in-and-submit registration form, for those who can use email. This secure registration form is for convenience, safe social distancing, health care catch up, and allows more time focused on medical care.  You may message update to us when your registration has been submitted.  We confirm your appointment.


Laboratory Testing Internal Medicine:

Quest Lab is preferred by most insurances.  We help order tests needed medically, and discuss testing you may wish to add.  You contact your Insurance for coverage questions.

  • Quest Lab Customer service tel. to speak to a person (866) 697-8378.
  • Link to make quest lab appointment  https://www.questdiagnostics.com/home/patients/scheduling-test/appointments
  • Tel. automated appt. 888-277-8772  4) To register to view results:   https://myquest.questdiagnostics.com/web/create-account
  • Register to view your test results: https://myquest.questdiagnostics.com/web/create-account
  • Quest Lab test name and CPT code search link, to call your Insurance provider, to check your policy coverage for lab tests https://www.questdiagnostics.com/home/patients/health-test-info/ (record reference number for call, name of representative, date and time of call)

Nationwide Lab (recently merged with Quest Lab) Walk-in Lab: Link  https://nationwidelabtesting.com/locations   (Most insurances accepted, except Cigna, Florida Blue HMO )


Radiology Imaging Internal Medicine: 

Diagnostic Centers of America (DCA)  Imaging contact information for Radiology Imaging testing www.dcamedical.com

Phone: 561.496.6935. for Radiology imaging tests our office sends order to DCA Imaging and then DCA calls the patient to schedule testing.  Results come directly to our office and the patient may also receive results.  We recommend MD follow-up to review all test results, for your safety.


Test Results Internal Medicine:

We recommend all test results are reviewed at a Physician follow up visit, for safety.  We routinely review test results at the visit with you.

Our office is able to access Internal Medicine test results from Quest Diagnostics Lab, Nationwide Lab, and DCA Medical Imaging.  For your safety, if you elect to do testing at outside facilities, other than Quest Lab, Nationwide Lab, DCA Imaging, which we cannot access results from, you provide results to us  to us and reviewed together with us at a medical visit.

Our office Fax:  (517) 212-9866  Secure for medical information only (no sales please)


Holistic Wellness Optimal Health Wednesday Wellness (beyond insurance):

Is direct pay, not covered by insurance, and  is completely separate and distinct from our Internal Medicine practice for safety, and to keep focus while managing Internal Medicine adult medical health issues.

Holistic Wellness Optimal Health is in depth, time-consuming and requires special focus, separate from Traditional Internal Medicine visit, on the topic of your interest for expert investigation and recommendations and successful excellent outcomes. 

Fee is $75/20 min.; $150/45 min.

Holistic Wellness Optimal Health Wednesday consult for Appointment request include your Name, Email:

  • Text secure text only number (561) 336-4328
  • Email Info@DeliaWeissMD.com
  • Voice Tel. (561) 243-8783


And Holistic Wellness Optimal Health topic of your choice (beyond insurance):

Wellness Wednesday Optimal Health consult service, for those desiring more in depth investigation and fine tuning for Optimal Wellness including:

  • 1. Nutrition
  • 2. Weight
  • 3. Stress reduction
  • 4. Healthy Aging and Lifestyle
  • 5. Detoxification 
  • 6. Digestive Health
  • 7. Cardiovascular Health 
  • 8. Thyroid and Hormone balance