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Primary Medical Care  –  Traditional

Primary Care to adults, 18 years and older, for common and complex medical problems. We address medical issues including fatigue, thyroid, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, nutrition, anxiety and depression, tobacco dependence, weight disorder, sleep health, pain issues, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, allergy, sexual disorder, skin rash and other medical issues.

Preventive Medicine  –  Holistic Approaches

Preventive Medicine to assist patients in preventing life-threatening and debilitating disease. Many common health problems are avoidable and can be prevented before they reach the life-threatening or disabling stages.  The top three causes of death in America are Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke, accounting for over a million deaths annually and over a million disability cases.  Our approach to Preventive Medicine uses both traditional medicine for medical illness and disease, and a holistic approach for prevention, in order to avoid disease.  The integrative medicine approach is successful and recognized worldwide by Integrative Medicine professionals, such as well publicized physicians,  Dr. Oz and Dr. Dean Ornish.

Our Preventive Medicine approach focuses on natural healing methods, to the extent that it is medically sound and safe.  We listen to the patient’s concerns and interests and tailor our treatment plan to meet the patient’s specific goals.  We evaluate current medications, nutrients and diet, medical health history, health practices and lifestyle.  We use scientific evidence-based data and over 15 years of clinical medicine experience to educate individuals, on a one-on-one basis, on beneficial health practices and maximal risk reduction.  We instruct the patient, step by step, in simple, achievable therapeutic lifestyle practices.  We assist with medical evaluation for medication reduction, when it is safe and beneficial.  Many individuals with a known past history of an illness, or a high risk for illness, can benefit from ongoing medical therapy.  We provide education to assist individuals with learning about their specific health risks and benefits.  We partner with the patient, local medical specialists and holistic practitioners to offer optimal acute and preventive health care.


Dr. Delia Weiss has practiced clinical medicine for over 15 years, and is experienced in emergency hospital and intensive care medicine, as well as ambulatory care and preventive medicine.  She is a Diplomate of the American National Board of Medical Examiners; Completed undergraduate work at Cornell University; Earned her Doctor of Medicine Degree at The University of Illinois College of Medicine; Completed Internal Medicine Residency training at Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation in New Orleans.

Personal treatment plan

Our practice is unique, in that we offer an interpersonal stress-free setting, where patients can confidentially and comfortably discuss symptoms and personal concerns. We listen to our patient’s concerns, interests and goals, and tailor our treatment plan to meet the specified needs and goals of the patient. We suggest scheduling a personal visit to discuss the unique nature of your specific health history, health goals, and how we may assist you in addressing acute care needs, screening and meeting your short and long-term health goals.  We look forward to meeting you and assisting you personally to improve  your health and longevity.

We accept most major insurances

Aetna, Avmed, Blue Cross, Cash pay, Cigna, Humana, Medicare, United; and many insurances offering out of network benefits.  Our out of pocket fees are inexpensive, call us for more information.